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4 Changes in Video Production You Need to Know:

Talking to your clients about video first comes with understanding the new world of video production. These changes make having video production services all the more important. Video can significantly increase your marketing and web design services to your clients.

Changes in Video Production Marketers Need to Know

1) An Industry of Professionals and Hobbyists

How are you looking for videographers? I can type in the phrase “Albany videographer” and come across many database sites such as Thumbtack and Gigsalad – sites that host to professional videographers as well as students and hobbyists.

This is where the high costs come in. Many inexperienced videographers cannot justify their premium pricing. You end up having videographers charging professional rates when their services are not competitively priced according to their industry.

We are starting to see a shift between content video marketers and creative filmmakers. Web video production should never be quoted at Hollywood prices.

Choose a videographer to work with who specializes in marketing and make sure the costs will fit within your clients’ budgets.

2) The changing market in social media

Facebook is hastily becoming the top social media outlet for video. Your clients need to engage their audience both with their website and social media – video production efforts should be twofold.

Video Tip: Many video hosting platforms allow you to create lead walls and calls-to-action on the video. You can set these up for your client to direct traffic back to the website or promote a coupon or special.

3) Video is now one of the best ROI

Web sites change every 2 years. Videos have a lot longer of a shelf life. Investing in video is one of the best returns on investment because of the multifaceted uses of just one video.

A properly produced web video will have a focus on content that won’t expire anytime soon. Branding videos and product demonstrations will be relevant until marketing and products change.

And the benefits to video definitely outweigh the initial investment.

4) Videos are being watched longer than you’d expect

There’s a misconception out there that no one is watching web video…or at least for not very long. Whereas there is a typical drop off of viewership towards the end of the video, 65% of video viewers watch more than 3/4 of a video, according to a recent study by Invodo.

This even includes mobile where viewership can even reach up to 5 minutes. Read more about what length to make your Internet video.

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