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Focusing on responsive online video

The new algorithm realized by Google on April 21 was hyped as “Mobilegeddon” for many small business owners who hadn’t switched to responsive design. Whereas the search ranking impact right not be as severe as predicted, this is a great lesson in the changing times.

Mobile-friendly websites are as important as ever and even Google is telling us we need to switch. But this also includes responsive videos posted to your site.

Mobilegeddon Responsive Video Tips

Embedding iframe Video

You’ll most likely run into issues with iframe elements when designing for responsive video. iframe embed codes are found when embedding from sites like Vimeo and YouTube.

You’ll notice if you have a responsive site and are not using fluid width for iframe embeds, your videos will break the barriers of your pages when viewed on mobile.

There are some simple CSS fixes to this issue and definitely something you should bring up to your web developer.

Making Video Mobile Friendly

Big Text for Big Ideas

Try reading a long novel on a smart phone. That’s what it feels like when you incorporate a lot of text into your videos.

The text might seem easily read on your desktop but switching to mobile could have a whole different “squinty” perspective.

If you are including text, such as contact information or facts/graphs, make sure to break it up into several title cards.

That way you have enough room to expand the font size and also can move through text a bit quicker.

Stay Away from Flash

The easiest way to cause headache for your mobile users is to stick with Flash video. Flash (.flv) isn’t the most mobile friendly way to serve up videos – Firefox and Facebook have recently blocked Flash because of security.

Smart phones have moved away from Flash as a main component but Flash player apps are available.

It’s just adding one more step for your audience to have to view your content. And when your marketing message can be lost in seconds, everything counts.

So if you have flash on your website still, consider optimizing your videos to a better solution.

Alternatives for Video Hosting that are also social:

  • YouTube
  • Vine
  • Vimeo
  • Twitch

So maybe “Mobilegeddon” wasn’t as distractive as everyone was talking about. But this is a great lesson in how the atmosphere is changing. Mobile is as important as ever…and so are videos.

Make sure everything works in harmony!

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