Top 5 Small Business branding myths and why you should consider branding videos

Bad Small Business Advice

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Consultation services are big money these days. A quick keyword search shows that one of the top queries under “small business” is “small business advice.” Everyone is looking to do it themselves online.

Small businesses overlook branding online and try to market themselves using some of the bad advice below.

Small businesses should be using online video more effectively and get out the notion that online video is simply a commercial on your website – that it’s too expensive and not for everyone.

Top 5 Bad Small Business Advice:

Advice: “You should be on all social media accounts”

Solution: Instead of spraying content on everything you can sign up for, focus on two or three of your strongest social outlets. Posting videos on outlets such as Facebook and YouTube will increase brand awareness if you have targeted content.

Or conversely, you can use a video to promote your social media. Remember, social media is best as a way to brand yourself online, not as a way to make money.

Advice: “You have to spend money to make money”

Solution: There are so many websites and services targeting small businesses to spend their money on marketing tools – SEO boost, localized search, pay per click, social media management. The bread and butter of any good marketing campaign is a good story and how well you can meet your clients’ needs.

Using branding videos can save you time and money because you can recycle strong branding video(s) and use for social media, sales pitches, blogging and so on. Small businesses don’t need to spend extra money on services they don’t need if they stick to a more simplistic marketing strategy – tell a story and answer your audiences questions.

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Advice: “You won’t be able to get into this market”

Solution: It’s no secret the web has oversaturated things a bit, making it harder to cut through the clutter. The internet makes it easier and cheaper for more start-ups and competition is hot. But there’s always a market hyper locally.

Depending on your industry, you can stand out as the leader in your local niche by using videos to not only rank higher in the search results but convert sales up to 80% better, according to Sally Falkow, writer for Business 2 Community. It may be tougher getting into some markets but a targeted branding video will easily put you above many others.

Advice: “Don’t even bother with e-mail. E-mail is dead.”

Solution: The misconception that no one reads e-mail anymore and having a newsletter is a thing of the past is wrong. E-mail is still one of the most effective ways to reach your audience, you just know how to make it engaging.

E-mail services are getting stricter on their spam filters, which causes the old “BUY NOW”, “CLICK FOR FREE” way of thinking to go extinct. E-mail is another great opportunity to recycle blog and video content, offering your subscribers information they want.

Not all e-mail clients allow you to view video directly in the e-mail. Using GIFs is usually the safest way to still engage with video.

Advice: “You have to be all knowing”

Solution: Many small business owners shy away from investing in content marketing because of the shear time commitment and because they feel they need to be experts in everything. Investing, instead, in video will allow you to have rich content on your site that you can reuse whenever you need.

And the best part is, you can focus on offering specific content that furthers your brand and also aides visitors through the buying cycle.

With all the different kinds of advise out there, the one thing you need to focus on is what makes your business unique and invest in the right avenues to further that passion.

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