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3 Ways Video Solves the Online Marketing Hurtles of 2015

Online Video Marketing Tips - Lynch Videography

Savvy small business owners already know the power of video and its multifaceted uses. Having just one online video on your website can help with solving these 3 common problems:

Can’t connect with audience online:

Small businesses overlook branding themselves online. Branding helps build trust – trust equals more engagement online. People interact with brands on an intrinsic level and need an emotional connection to continue coming back.

Telling your story or offering some insider tips with a branding video can increase your emotional connection with your audience. Branding isn’t just for large companies, every business needs to connect with their target audience by telling a story.

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Can’t convert my audience on my sales pages

You’ve started out by developing great sales and product landing pages on your website. However, having a video on your sales page can significantly increase conversion rates.

By addressing any concerns your audience may have during the buying process can increase conversion rates up to 80%, according to Sally Falkow, Social Media Strategist at The Proactive Report.

Sales videos should avoid being to sales pitch-y and focus on the needs of the audience and an emotional appeal.

My organic reach on social media is decreasing

Businesses across the board are seeing organic reaches falling on Facebook, partly due to Facebook favoring paid outreach. That’s why it’s harder to engage with audiences on social media.

This goes hand in hand with branding yourself online – people follow your social media pages if it relates to them personally. Even though social media reaches the globe the most commonly shared content is hyper local.

Videos are inherently social; more videos are shared on Facebook than YouTube! Uploading videos directly to social media is the best way to increase your organic reach.

I’ve stated the word trust three times in this blog post. Trust plays a huge part in everything you do online. The millennial generation is the most skeptical generation towards sales pitches. Video is not only a great way to combat the three main problems above, it also instills a sense of trust in your brand.

And trust in your brand is worth a lot.

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