3 To-Dos of Branding Video Production

Small Business Tips: Branding Video

Branding isn’t just for the big cats. Small businesses need to be thinking about branding themselves online without breaking the bank. Video is a cost effective and impactful way to brand yourself and your story.

What are branding videos? A good branding video strives to answer common questions your target audience has. They help your audience understand the products and services you provide. These are videos that can tug at the heartstrings of your audience or open the conversation for debate by showing fact and opinion.

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Here are tips to keeping branding videos within your budget:

  • Choose a videographer who specializes in documentary – Why? A documentary videographer will capture your brand on a more personal level. Don’t be afraid to get in front of the camera for an interview, your audience online will engage better with authentic branding.
  • Break up your videos – The best way to get the most out of your video shoot is to have your videographer break up the different talking points into several videos. One about us marketing video could turn into three sales videos for each of your landing pages. Think about these branding videos not only as a way to connect with your audience but help strategic pages on your website convert more customers.
  • Use what media resources you have – If you have professional photographs or videos of your business already, use all of these to substitute for any extra costs.

Branding should never be overlooked online and these tips will help small businesses get into the game of web video.

What are your questions about branding videos? Let us know below.

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