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Phew. The job of an online marketer is never over. I’m still developing my own marketing for my videography business helping others market themselves. I’m learning quickly there’s so much advice out there from other marketers it’s hard to know where to get your feet wet first.

The perspective on marketing from a videographer has differences. We think differently than most marketers so I thought I’d share a few small business marketing tips that may cut through the clutter.

1) Just like in film production, the beginning steps are the most difficult and make you feel…well…

Planning Stages of Marketing

2) Think like a producer and organize various “shows” on your blog

Small Business Marketing Tips

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3) When something doesn’t work the first time, it’s okay to yell and throw things

Small Business Video Marketing Tips

Megan Elice Meadows/flickr

4) Working as a production team is better than alone, collaborate on content as much as you can

Collaborate Internet Marketing


5) And working together also means not being afraid to ask for help

Small Business Marketing Tips

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6) We can all be tech geeks, look into some apps to put on your tool belt

Bad Small Business Advice

7) And always, always, always carry extra batteries

Small Business Marketing

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